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    Important information for all users.

    TasTAFE will be transitioning to a new Virtual Learning Environment called TasTAFE VLE


    This Moodle platform will be closing on November 1, 2014.

    The closure of this platform should not affect your learning and assessment activities for this year. Teachers will teach out the learning programs this year, finishing by November 1, 2014. For students continuing their courses in 2015, your teacher/s will guide you through a transition process.

    If you are currently using a Moodle course for your learning and assessment, please continue to use the course until your teacher provides you with further instructions in the next few months.

    If you have files on Moodle, and would like to keep them, please download the files you would like to keep before November 1, 2014. If you need assistance and support to take your files off Moodle, contact the VLE administrators using the email address below before October 15, 2014.

    If you would like further clarification on the closure of this Moodle platform, please contact the VLE administrators using the email address below.


    Contact a VLE administrator on VLE@tastafe.tas.edu.au